1. Wow amazing channel and thanks for creating these! Like, I can completely trust you or atleast nearly with how objective this video was in reviewing the debate of this topic. Usually videos like these are full of bias and nothing to back up any claims. But how showed the actual scientific studies and their articles and what they say.

    Its great to see a channel you feel you can trust in these days of propaganda, misled information, yellow journalism, lies and such.

  2. You don’t need any test/ waste of time of searching for crap results instead been realistic if you smoke or vape all day everyday is obviously your lungs won’t be 100% clean and might that’s cause little harder to breathe especially if you an athlete but if you smoke or vape at least 2 times a day you’ll be great.💪
    Instead of doing crappy tests in a lab or asking people for dummies for something simple spend more time with family or side chick 🤪

  3. Did he make a video on oil pens? The research is still out on vaping in general, and it does irritate the lungs I’m sure. I’ve been telling people to French inhale their oil pens since your body still absorbs it and you won’t irritate your lungs so much. The vapor makes your lungs cough for a reason. I have a Pax vaporizer and I prefer that but it’s not as strong

  4. Don't listen to this guy. In my country the Dutch weed culture is rolling joints with tobacco and weed. But I also have An airizer solo vaporizer. I try to quit tobaco for years now and always relapse because at some point I Smoke a joint with Friends. I sometimes go jogging with those pothead buddies of mine. And I guarantee you that exclusively vaporizing heals the lungs compared to smoking exclusively Dutch joints with tobacco. After a few weeks I notice great improvement in jogging VS my Friends who keep smoking joints. I can not stress it enough that vaporizing absolutely is much better for your lungs, buy one of health is your concern. The small amount of damage vaporizing does, is nothing worse than sitting in your car in heavy traffic or breathing in air pollution in a busy city.

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