Site Visit: Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB) Launches Best-in-Class Aurora Sky Facility

Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB) (OTCMKTS:ACBFF) (FRA:21P) COO Cam Battley shows James West the company’s cutting edge Aurora Sky facility at the …


  1. As a consumer of cannabis, farms like this are too big and usually their runs are inconsistent. The small brands that can take their time on each plant is what most customers want. I donโ€™t see huge companies like this sticking around. I mean even big boy dan blizz company was a shell. To many companies trying to grab too big of piece without understanding the customer.

  2. Legal New age drug lords are replacing so called illegal drug lords now in connivance with governments… License is the new game and govt. commissions / taxes converts schedule 1 illegal drug to a health product big industry….So FUNNY ….. wow crook ruling mafia and big business houses looting common masses again… cannabis the oldest plant grown naturally all across by humans through ages is now a rocket science … Break the License regime and all humans should grow their own its so simple and cheap.

  3. Grow your own safe medicine. dont trust these large corporations, their cannabis sucks, over priced, dry, tastes like hay, looks like shit and tests results coming back positive for desiccants. (kevin jodreys panel shows they use dessicants for a faster dry time) do your research and realize these guys are only in it for the $$$, they dont care about what your putting into your body. they took over the market and screwed the honest mom and pop shops and now they are abusing the plant to make money. Cabal

  4. "deuche bag" hire as less people as possible and only those who are rocket scientists no jobs for the guy who actually knows how to grow weed and has actual experience and passion for our gods given medicine high quality cannabis where??? not even @15 bucks a gram have i purchased or heard of from ur bunk LP stores what a joke

  5. Big money has taken over. It is all over now. They are coming for home grows next, because they know that so many people would rather blow their brains own than smoke their shitty weed, and would much rather grow their own than either of those.

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