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A seizure is an abnormal burst of electrical activity in the brain. The cells that make up the brain, neurons, communicate with each other using electrical signals.


  1. I really love this video so people can realize that not only human can get seizures. I was born with seizures and everyone should give people with this disability a lot of love, support, and understanding. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

  2. Today someone came to our house and randomly annoyed my pug. He became so badly angry that, he kind of became unconscious and behaved weird. It was like, while he was barking with a lot of pressure on his chest, he was also choaking and and he just fell down and couldn't move. Then I rubbed his back hard and let him lay on my bed. When he was young, he used to have seizures after every few days. And it was happening with him whenever he was having stomach upsets. But today, it happened from getting too much angry. I was holding him with one hand and he was trying to bark with a lot of pressure. For first few barks, he was kinda coughing at the same time when he was barking and then, he collapsed like that. I'm not sure if it was a seizure but it was very scary. It was like, he was trying to move at that time but he couldn't control it and he was weirdly bending left and right instead. But then after sometime he got fine but remained weak for a long time. This happened with him before as well…

  3. Please help….Heard my dog cry out loud upstairs this morning out of nowhere. She was asleep in bed….she’s never done that before so I freaked out and ran up stairs immediately. She looked scared, shaking and was breathing abnormally and wheezing. We calmly left her alone for 20 mins. Then we decided to take her out to potty, she got excited for a second then threw up and fell to her side and had a seizure… only lasted 20 seconds. Afterwards she was shaking and she seemed very sleepy. I wasn’t upstairs when she cried out the first time but I believe she had a seizure then also, that’s what made her cry out….so she had 2 seizures in 30mins I honestly feel…..Anyway we let her lay down calmly the rest of the morning. Its been 8 hours later and she seems completely normal and wagging her tail and barking and back to her peppy self THANK GOD! My question though is….can dogs do this as like a one time thing and it never happens again and their completely fine or is this something that’s going to keep happening? She has NEVER had a seizure in her life until this. She’s 10yrs old in human years and is a jack Russell and chihuahua mix. She’s only 7 pounds. She has no previous medical issues.

  4. Thank You for the helpful information. My 5 year old Papillon started having in April. His primary vet gave him Phenobarbital but he still had seizures 2 times a month. I took him to a in neurologist in July and he added Topiramate but my dog still has seizures every two weeks. This month he has seizures every week. Could you please let me know what I should do? MRI? Also, does sleeping position cause seizures as my dog always has them when he sleeps on his back with all his legs up. One unusual thing I noticed is that blood always comes out when he has seizures. I told the neurologist about it but he didnt know why. One more question, can my other dog get seizures when sharing same bowl of food/water with my seizured dog?

  5. Thank you, I just adopted a 5mth old pup with seizures, that started when she was 3 mths old. Haven't done an MRI yet but sounds like I should, she's on Keppra but had 6 seizures yesterday, now having an overnight stay with the emergency vet.

  6. Sir my female Pitbull has recently given birth to 9 puppies ,7 she is having siezures , I don't know about this thing and because of lockdown I'm unable to find any animal doctor near me and I can't travel also…sir please help me I'm really worried about her please help me

  7. Our pup has seizures. He is only a year and a half. He has them multiple times a week. We have tried numerous meds and currently trying potassium bromide. We took him to the neurologist and he felt confident that it wasn’t a tumor. We didn’t run a mri as that’s super expensive. We had to take him to the emergency vet as he had clusters but it was 8 in a row. It’s so crazy. We are hoping the bromide works

  8. I have a husky with epilepsy. Today he had 5 between 6 am and 9 am. Last Sunday he had 1 mild seizure. Sometimes he has them 1 or 2 days a week and sometimes they can be 2 to 3 weeks apart. He is on two medecations, phenobarbital 2 pills twice daily and levetiracetam 1 pill twice daily.

    I have taken him to my vet many times but not to a neurologist yet. My vet said that whatever is found wouldn't change the treatment. He thinks it might be a slow growing tumor based on his behavior after a seizure. I'm praying that isn't the case. I'm trying to save the money to afford a neurologist to find out for sure. Prayers are needed.

  9. Be VERY careful with TropiClean pet shampoo for fleas and ticks. They advertise it as being perfectly safe for dogs and cats but after bathing my cat with it it caused an enormous, grand mal seizure, foaming at the mouth, etc.

  10. So my 11-year-old mut started to have weakness in his limbs about a week ago and then this week started to have seizures. Took him to the emergency vet where they did bloodwork and MRI and a thyroid panel and all three have come back normal. They had him on Keppra he had no incidences and then we brought him home and he had a seizure that night. He’s back at the animal hospital where he had two more after we took him in and then was taken to his MRI but had normal results. They sent blood to california to test for Myasthenia gravis. But no one can figure out why all of a sudden this is happening. Hes been healthy his whole life until two weeks ago. Any help or advice??

  11. F4 yo Chihuahua mix. with a sudden onset of seizures in April. The MRI found a brain lesion in an inoperable part of the brain. The Vet ran rare infectious disease tests in addition to the normal CSF. She came back positive for neospora antibodies. We are treating for the possibility of neospora and autoimmune causes (prednisone, potassium bromide and a compounded sulfa drug). Seizures stopped for 2 months and then came back and are becoming more frequent. We have been adjusting the potassium bromide and prednisone, hoping to find a good balance. I'm losing hope that it is actually a tumor and she will die soon after so many tests and pills.

  12. Thank you! sanza had one last night and I do believe it's Idio… Shes 4 and its her 2nd one ever in 5 months. I wasnt there for the first one but I was for last night's and I was scared at first but then I calmed myself and spoke to her in a sweet voice to let her know that it will pass. Plus I prayed and In my opinion it Helped out a lot.

  13. Why aren’t you telling about flea meds causing seizures in millions of dogs around the world? The biggest reason is flea meds? They cause these! Especially the ones in the isoxazoline class such as Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and simparica! Is it because vets make kickbacks on prescriptions?!?!I think it’s a travesty that vets who are in the know don’t tell what’s going on here! So please do the right thing and post a video exposing these drug companies! The drug companies FINALLY were forced to put this info in their leaflets but we need vets telling the truth about these flea meds and giving folks the info so they can make an informed choice!

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