See A 1st Look At The Marijuana Breathalyzer | TODAY

As more states legalize recreational marijuana, law enforcement is hoping to detect those driving under the influence. NBC News received an exclusive look at a …


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  2. 100% corruption against the citizens of the United States. They legalize it so they can steal more money from you and basically own your money until they see fit . Not to mention the contracts between the police stations and the company and all the money on the back end. Kick backs .

  3. None of these results will hold up in court. Obviously you can tell if someone has smoked recently. What this doesnt prove is that the person(s) are unable to operate a vehicle. Due to the fact that there isn't a way to show how affected the person is to a legal or illegal standard.

  4. I love pot. But ya know what, this can be a great thing. I dont care what any of you say, driving stoned is bad. However these deaths are not being reported fairly, and are not even close to truthful. This is good for legalization.

  5. That won't work, accidents happen, so when people get in wrecks who do no drugs should have driver licence pulled because they shouldn't b driving, no wrecks or tickets for me and I drive high every day, where r them stats… really! Wake up…

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