1. The people need to wake up to the corruption of big corporate companies who are the true puppeteers behind the curtains of government. How on earth did Obama go from $1.3 million to $135 million after 8 years, Because they are paid to keep their mouths shut and given the benefits of knowing what to buy .

  2. I am giving RSO to my aunt who has recurrent liver cancer… till now she had received 25 grams in first month… however, her tumor is growing… can anyone help me to ascertain the problem? Why the tumor not receding and why it growing?

  3. Firstly, I’m a HUGE Fan of Rick Simpson. I have Bowel Cancer & live in the UK, so acquiring RSO for my own medical needs is very tricky! Possible, but not easy!

    However, despite being a huge supporter or everything Rick stands for, I DO feel a couple of things need to be addressed for this argument to be valid. I’ve smoked Weed, consumed Edibles and taken Oil in various ways & saying it’s ‘not addictive’ is a bit misleading – especially Smoking it 😬 Plus, although there may well have been ZERO DEATHS from the actual psychoactive effects of Cannabis, there have certainly been deaths caused by Stoned people doing stupid things whilst under the influence. That’s fact.

    Granted, this is down to the individual’s responsibility for his or her own actions whilst under the influence, but surely it can’t just be ignored!? 😬


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