Residents seeking relief through medical marijuana leave the Sunflower State

While the debate continues on marijuana legalization in many states across the country, two former Kansas residents say the state’s stance on its medical uses …


  1. I spent 12 years in Kansas. I'm very employable always had a job, have my PhD…and I've been thinking of moving from my current location, in CO. As much as I like KC, I would never move there as I'm a medical marijuana patient, and legitimately so. Keeping marijuana illegal is out-dated and draconian. Putting someone in jail or prison for possession is, frankly, ridiculous and a violation of Constitutional rights. Kansas (and MO, for that matter) are very much seen as backwards states. I guess they are, given their policies on even medical marijuana, not to mention recreational marijuana. There is absolutely no argument against marijuana that isn't an argument 100x more strong for making alcohol illegal. That includes social cost (e.g. accidents), danger (you ever hear of anyone dying of a marijuana overdose?), and danger of addiction (e.g. if you're an alcoholic, you have to go to the HOSPITAL to detox as it is potentially life-threatening). Marijuana has been pretty much shown as non-addictive; you can develop dependency, but hell you can develop dependency for aspirin – literally! You can develop dependency for caffiene!

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