Regulators prepare for potential marijuana legalization in NC

While there’s no current legislation to legalize marijuana in North Carolina, the Mecklenburg County ABC Board is prepared to move forward if legislation were …


  1. at 65 years old all ways living in nc . smoking weed at 14  an still do when I can get it . I don't drink or smoke cigretts and im so not hooked on weed but its helps me now that im older . I don't look for nc to legalize it for the reason that its only been about 20 years scents my county could sell beer . we need to get people in office that can see we the people want this . yes I said we the people .

  2. NC will be the last state to do anything. They gonna keep locking us up, charging huge fees and build more jails and prisons with those fees. Law makers will set around a table getting drunk discussing what they going to do with all the money they made from destroying families and how they going to split up the money left over to line their pockets. This state does not care about the people living here. For years now they have refused to even vote or discuss cannabis during the legislation. Everyone needs to vote, its easy to find out who is running in your district. See who is for it and who is not and vote those naysayers out. I am 58 years old and my children and grandchildren live in NC. This is the only reason that I am still here. I hate NC.

  3. I want legalization here in NC but having the ABC board run it is the worst idea ever. Theyre the reason its taken this long and now that the idea is gaining momentum, they want to assume the official position…fuck that

  4. Do It!!! Train them, open dispensaries, stop the opiate/heroin/meth crisis that is tearing this state apart and let us get back to being productive members of society. I've watched my mom and several friends die from these terrible drugs that flood our streets everyday. Not saying that it would end it, but it was sure as he'll give us a chance to change. We are a beautiful state with beautiful cities and people but no one wants to talk to a toothless zombie just saying. There's a lot of people in this state dealing with major issues and I think that this is a possible solution to save their lives including my own.

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