1. Showed the owner of the cannabis company I work for this video, and now he is looking at trying to get some Greenbroz equipment 🙂 Very detailed video, working in the cannabis industry is SUCH an awesome opportunity, and I'm extremely grateful to be able to legally pursue my passion for a living

  2. no doubt Rare Dankness is my favorite dispensary in Colorado. They source some of the best flower in the state, if you are familiar with Colorado you know most flower is very dry…..not the case with these guys.Ghost train haze is one of my favorites!

  3. na i dont buy into telling people what they want to hear !
    its the small people in the corners who hold the stone , you tell me what big industry matches the quality of the farmers martet level and i dont care how well spoken you are , boycott this shit keep your community alive !

  4. Yall were doing a giveaway on Facebook but it was really on instagram. I was the only one who followed yall on face book and entered the giveaway for rare dankness nutrients. I thought for sure I was gonna win. I wanted to try yalls nutrients and tell everyone in the upper peninsula of michigan.

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