Raphael Mechoulam – Endocannabinoid System: A Fifty Year Trip |CannMed 2017

Raphael Mechoulam presents “Endocannabinoid System: A Fifty Year Trip” at CannMed 2017. Join us for CannMed 2018, taking place October 22-24, 2018 at …


  1. The ancient Assyrians had a concept of "the mind" 4000 years ago? 🤔 Maybe…the Buddha had an idea 2500 years ago. Most ancients believed in a Soul, etc. Don't get me started on modern day humans and their magical thinking.

  2. You are an amazing man. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all. Your English is superb too. I wish the government and NICE would pay attention to your hard earned advice! I have shared this on facebook with Rick Simpson who has also filled me with inspiration and encouragement in how to produce a wonderful oil. Cannabis may not be a panacea but it helps so many cruel illnesses for example: cancer, epilepsy, arthritic pain and many more diseases. It has never killed anyone so why are the 'powers that be' so afraid that we might all start growing it and making our own medicine? I leave you to answer that one!

  3. Yes what is in a name? Well it seems from this POV that the name Raphael carries with it a message about the 'mirror' mechanism @12:07 called 'CHIRALITY' … there is an AHA here that folks are not seeing … it is so obvious … ALL LIFE IS CHIRAL … Raphael M. would agree with Archangel Raphael …
    ^^^ however how deep are you willing to go down the CHIRAL SPIRAL hole to try to understand why our 5 senses are CHIRAL designed to receive chiral input …like a lock and key…?
    In addition did you know that CHIRAL is synonymous with vortex and phi too?
    others have gone before you btw …follow in their chiral footsteps?

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