Psoriasis UVB Light Vs. CBD Oil + Progress Report

CBD oil didn’t seem to help, UVB light therapy still seems to be the winner. Back to testing that theory. Make sure you watch til the end as I mentioned some …


  1. I like to mix some vitamin E droplets and CBD droplets in extra virgin organic coconut oil before bed. Morning time, vitamin D3 cream. Of course, diet changes as well (I follow mostly a PALEO diet like Dr. Terry Wahls — google her).

  2. Difficulty in diagnosing the causes of psoriasis and eczema is that it is a common symptom of various toxins exposure, and vitamins and enzymes deficiencies especially. Have you tested your blood for mold toxins? Mold toxins get stored in the body fat, sweating and detox helps excrete it. Facial breakouts could also be irritation in the sinus, you should try netti pot morning and night with distilled water, making sure you sterilize netti pot before each use. Avoid foods known to contain mold such as coffee, grains, cocoa,etc.. try a week fast with just organic bone broth and full spectrum of probiotics and prebiotics or follow a regime for leaky gut. You can buy uvb light bulbs it’s used for people deficient in vitamin D.

  3. people must understand that psoriasis is a mirror of your soul , you ignore your true self , you ignore your need for rest, your body becomes tired of this useless life you live, so it becomes ill and poisoned. and all this poison comes up to your skin.

    open your eyes see who you really are and how you can change to make life less stressful for you.
    remember money has no value when you are suffering

  4. The one thing that's seemed to work for me is time spent at the beaches in Florida. I don't know if there's any scientific studies behind this, but I lived in Florida for about 3 years for school and would go to the beach about once or twice a month during the spring and summer. After the first couple months living there I noticed my psoriasis had cleared up. Eventually it was gone completely, and the only thing I can contribute to the clear up is the beach and sun, but more specifically the salt and minerals in the water. It definitely wasn't due to diet as I was pretty much living on fast food (and alcohol) the whole time I lived there, and stress was through the roof due to school and other personal life factors. Stress is supposed to cause flare-ups, but the entire time I lived there my skin was clear, and stayed that way for a good year or more after I left. Now I live about 5 hours from the closest beach so it's not much of an option for me to go. Hoping to go sometime this summer to see if it helps, but don't know if it will happen. My mother has had psoriasis her whole life and it covered most of her arms and legs. But when she visited the beaches (also in Florida) she found that most of her psoriasis would clear up and stay gone for several months at a time. Anyway, just thought I'd share that, if you have a chance to get to a beach, it will take a few visits, but cheaper than going to a tanning salon or clinic.

  5. I love watching your video's and I know everyone is different. I think it's great that you are doing this and sharing it with other's who suffer with psoriasis. I live in Pennsylvania and was diagnosed last year after dealing with it for 3 years. I have been doing light therapy at my Dermatologist office twice a week. I have finally gotten to 3 mins in the lights! My psoriasis is doing really well with this therapy! Some spots have completely faded away while my tough spots are slowly getting lighter! Doctor told me to try to complete my therapy so that my insurance will cover a light box at home as long as I complete all 24 therapy sessions and have good results. I have 5 more weeks yet until I am done and excited for the outcome. Psoriasis will never go away but the light therapy is keeping it at bay. I just use Flucinonide Ointment and the CeraVe Moisturizer. I know my trigger for my psoriasis is stress and worrying! Hard not to have stress in our lives! Thank you for sharing your findings on the CBD oil and again, what works for one person might not work for another! Thank you for what your doing & hang in there! 🙂

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