Pot Brownies: How to make the perfect Marijuana Brownie

Weed Brownies: How to make the perfect Pot Brownie If you’ve just had brownies and realized you needed to pass a urine test CLICK HERE: …


  1. Also oil is the worst way to make brownies or cookies. The higher the fat content in whatever you use (butter oil of any kind). Cooking lards and high quality butters with high fat contents are the best and most potent way. Even tested in a lab

  2. One of The worst methods… there is no way scientifically that leaving them small amount of leaves and material is going to produce 30% more potency., real simple, take the amount or plant material after being strained, and then spread that through each brownie serving evenly, the amount of mass of plant material is no enough to add 30% to the overall volume. It’s just not possible with that little amount for that one box. He would have had to add extra material saved from a couple prior batches. Sounds good but anyone that does this know.

  3. I had super potent brownies, ate around 0.8g of good weed. Right after we went to the cinemas, the brownies started kicking as the commercials went on. And that was the beginning of a traumatic experience, can laugh at it now but right there and then. NO WAY JOSE!

    I had to go pee and they just rebuild the place making unisex toilets for both men/women, they where right next to each other so I just stood there like a zombie looking at the sign wondering "Should I choose this one… No, that's ladies… This one? No…" Ended up rushing into one because I heard some people coming, sat down in a toilet. So I hear 3 or 4 girls talking by the mirror about some guys they met blablabla..

    I was thinking "Fuck… I entered the ladies room, I will get scolded now when I'm super fucked". So eventually they left and I rushed out to head back into the cinema.

    By the time I went back into the cinemas to sit down next to my buddies I realize that I can't find my 3D glasses, so I ask my buddy if he can put some lightning on my seat with his mobile so I can find them, they are not there.. Spent half of the movie watching without 3D glasses getting nauses, not knowing wheter to watch the blurry screen or the subtitles.

    After the movie I was so pleased to get out, I ask another friend to my left what he thought of the movie but he said that he only remembered "something about a guy jumping into the water"… Dude that was the beginning of the movie. So he fell asleep right when the brownies kicked in.

    I ended up being high for about 24 hours. Be careful on your set and settings when it comes to potent brownies, it can be pretty psychoactive!

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