1. Awesome grow man! Not dogging on Anything your doing just throwing this in the mix, the purple coloring or multi coloring of leaves could be a sign of some kind of stress in the plant. Or just like everything else, showing its fall colors!! Beautiful chunky buds my friend! Happy growing

  2. You guys should stop taking me for a fool. I make myself uncomfortable and work hard to make sure your package gets to you safely without payment and you block me.
    This dude said he gonna pay after tracking details are provided. I did everything only for me to discover he deleted our chats and blocked me.
    If you aren’t serious, don’t write me.

  3. Had 2 do the same thing when my 9footer split last year croptober 6th.sadly she hurt herself so bad she started to herm so i took everything down on the 11th but was very happy from results and i knew no better when i chopped everything so i was stuck removing solar leafs by myself for 10 hour. But we live and learn😂GREAT JOB MAN😎

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