Ontario Outdoor Grow Final Update – How to Grow Huge Cannabis Plants

This video is a little old, all but the big purple kush are down. They all survived frosts and snow flakes. tonight -12 should be the end of it. Harvest update coming …


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  2. Hey. I am in Brantford Ontario. Next season I want to grow 4 plants in my backyard. I want to grow something that is going to produce a fair amount of bud that gets you high. I am not expecting top tier indoor kush perfection here. I just want a good bang for buck without babying the plants. Something strong and sturdy with good smoke.

    Any proven strains that grow well in hot and humid Southern Ontario? If you have any experience let me know how it went.

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  4. Hey bro I know my way around an outdoor grow but I enjoy looking at yours and hearing your tips we all figure out our own things that work as you know we all Tinker around but I definitely like to see other Growers methods much appreciated brother also I'm an Ontario grower but by the sound to you you're maybe a little more Northern or Western from me I'm a southern Ontario boy but I don't live or grow in the city

  5. Some very nice plants for a northen weather like Ontario. It's paradise to have such a good place like yours to grow. I would go nuts! We have quite a trek to reach ours. And the water…don't get me started. Damn hauling 5 gallon jugs all day for a few months.

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