NugSmasher Makes Vape Cartridges With Rosin Cannabis Concentrates

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  1. Ok I’m at the ‘MICROWAVE’ for 5 second intervals portion of this instructional video and OMG 😳
    WHY are you using that PLASTIC container? I know I’m using emojis & maybe you will not even consider my comment or question but I am honestly asking… Why Would You Use Plastic over GLASS / Glassware 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Cannabis is primarily if not solely fat soluble, right? So when you microwave fat soluble items in a Petroleum Based product (plastic) …. The Petroleum Leaches Into Said Fat Soluble Item… Glassware Avoids This as it is not a petroleum based product. 💗 and light⚡️

  2. I’m wearing headphones 🎧, fantastic quality headphones, Volume is allTheway🆙 …and I’m 6+ mins into this video Now I’m wondering to myself 🤔 ¿¿¡¡ Could The Camera Man Speak Any Softer!!?? Ooof 🤦🏼‍♀️ Your Instructional Voice is making me sleepy
    😑 💤

  3. But you didn’t even explain what the wax was that you’re mixing it with :/. You just said, we’re going to mix 1.8 ml is ‘this.’ What is ‘this?’ What’s the brand name? What’s its purpose? Are there different kinds? What makes them different?

  4. Fuck you this is what is harming people and giving the Vape industry a horrible name stop promoting it take down this video THC cartridges are the reason people are getting hurt not regular nicotine vaping you were hurting the industry for all of us.

  5. I used this stuff worked amazing I got the massive de wax bottles they sell I used 60grams of shatter but I didn’t use a microwave I used a double boiler method just needs a tad hit no need to nuke it in the microwave

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