1. Obama's court gester "Biden" he's everything but the CLOWN suit. keep in mind ALL Democrats are COMMUNIST! if you really like COMMUNIST MOVE to Russia, China, N Korea!! this is America NOT a COMMUNIST country. listen closely to Biden, you will lose your tax break SLEEPY Joe just said so, WHY??? you want to pay more & more taxes here you go! guess where your tax dollar go? its for the illegal aliens NOT you as a USA citizen. all other country's want Biden in office cuz they want to take advantage of America!

  2. Biden with his plants in the audience spewing out their prepared attacks on Trump. Same activists at every rally. Trump won't need to destroy Biden, he will do it all by himself.

  3. Biden lies and lies ffs. It's not Trump for one that divided USA it was Obama starting riots in Baltimore. Biden threatened Ukrainian using his vice presidency to help get his son get millions dollars (Look it up). You have no dignity or integrity . Biden not only you lie but don't care about USA citizen except your pocket. Trump tax cut made me more then any Democrats have in history …smh. Look at all these ignorant airhead LIBTARDS in attendance…lol. Most people that live in Nashua are from MASS. The home of LIBTARDS. Thanks to your party's corruptions I left the Democratic party. I hope you get nominated because Trump spit you out with your corruptions and lies never mind Biden molesting lil kids. SICK!

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