1. This is false information. You are either being misled or you're intentionally misleading people. There have been plenty of people who died of cancer while following a naturopathic treatment. I have not seen one single video testimonial of a person who cured themselves of cancer with a naturopathic protocol. Written testimonials on facebook? Plenty of them. But when it comes to actually documenting their journey on YouTube like some people have done with their chronic illnesses (Mary Frey, Jaquie etc.), no one has done so. Dozens of channels promoting naturopathic approaches. Dozens of YouTubers who post about having been diagnosed with cancer. Why aren't you guys contacting those people and helping them? I used to trust naturopathy, but then I did some research. Some of the people who allegedly got cured by Dr. Morse of cancer died of cancer several years later. Same with the people interviewed by Chris Beat Cancer.

  2. While on the topic of cancer, dentists may use material that can cause cancer, this is one area that we never question? Are our dental visits slowly killing us and how do we monitor what goes into our "mouths". We trust to easily when it comes to matters of the "mouth" and we ask very few questions. What should we be asking our dentist and how hygienic are their rooms

  3. The biggest problem here is that everyone has been brainwashed by the social edict, "Trust your doctor." And if you're not a doctor, then you know nothing. You're not the "authority" when it comes to medicine. I've actually argued all of the points you have made in this video, and more, to some people. A few of which have medical degrees. They argue around my points, and when finally confronted with something they can't refute, they fall back on, "Unless you have a medical degree then I have no interest in continuing this conversation." Lol.

    But to quote that line from Good Will Hunting, "…you dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a fucking education you could have gotten for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library."

  4. 1:28 Exactly. It reminds me of Anthony Holland's presentation on Tedx where he showed cancer being destroyed using resonant frequencies, via an oscillating pulsed electric field. Which is pretty much just resurrecting Royal Rife's work…

    8+ years later it's still not being funded or put into use.

    If what he proposed was a new drug, you can bet it would be hailed as a miracle cure.

    American Medical Association is designed by a world banker, the whole medical system is engineered FOR PROFIT. So is the American Cancer Society. There's no interest in balancing purpose with profit, only in obtaining obscene levels of profit, decade after decade. The world bankers are at the heart of the world's woe…

    In 1935, Senator Huey Long made the last real attempt to control this greed, by promoting the idea (and to put it into law) that, "No man should have too little, no man too much." "I propose that none should be over a few millions of dollars."

    Soon after, he died under mysterious circumstances.

    Royal Rife also claimed that the American Medical Association was behind the conspiracy to discredit him, devalue his work, and to blackmail others who would support his claims.

    Dr. Max Gerson also faced a conspiracy in his attempt to publish his findings to cure cancer. Just before he could publish the book, it was stolen, along with all of his research/data. He also suddenly became very ill. It took years to reconstruct the data and rewrite the book. Again, the day he was going to publish it, there was an attempt to steal it. He also became very ill again, which, being a doctor, he discovered the cause. He had been poisoned (presumably in both instances). Several years later, he died of complications due to the poisoning.

    Google reports his death is the cause of "Pneumonia."

    Hopefully everyone can see a pattern here, throughout history. And it is:

    (Ecclesiastes 1:11)

  5. Just IMHO–we need to look at what is possibly "causing" the cancer, otherwise, it's like having one's foot on the brakes and gas pedal at the same time. Symptoms are our body's only way of telling us that we need to change something/something is amiss. We may not like the symptoms, but they are there for a reason; so why all the focus on suppressing them right away (no matter what the disease)? Also, once the cause(s) are identified, and we make changes, it can take months for a person's health to be regained. It would be good if you could address the Herxheimer (die-off) reaction, during which a person's symptoms may get worse, and which may be confusing to the person/patient (I don't see how it can be otherwise). As far as I can tell, die-off and flare-up mimic each other–the way you know that it was die-off, is that symptoms go away, then never come back. Thank you so much for addressing this subject!

  6. Great info. I needed a health coach to make a mind shift in my cancer fight.

    See fresh tumour-free Tuesday video
    Part 2. Cancer Mind Shift
    β€˜I needed a β€˜science brain’ to boost my immune system.’

    When 4 lung tumours regrew during a Chemotherapy only 3 month period of treatment I was confronted with outcome I did not expect. A scan showing life threatening lung tumours had silently returned. My next break through to came with the help of a new β€˜brains trust’ – Elena was a person with wide scientific knowledge and critical thinking who works hard in solving problems. Clearly in this stage of my cancer fight after a setback I needed the help of someone with a much greater knowledge of science and the immune system than I had to move forward with my complimentary actions at home. Like most cancer patients I was lacking a β€˜science brain’ to fully understand the options being placed in front of me both inside and outside of the hospital setting. This more systematic thinking not only helped me develop a tumour-busting lifestyle it also helped me ask more informed questions of my oncologists and move to an active patient model.

  7. Excellent! Thank you for this series. I never know what to say to people who tell me they have cancer (or any ailment), but they are the same people who have bought into the Western medical system. If I mention alternative treatments, they think I'm crazy. At the same time, I have a hard time supporting the treatments they choose to undergo. Any suggestions on how to deal with this topic or conversations with people? Thanks.

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