My Medical Cannabis Journey in the UK – Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Treatment

Thanks for watching and learning about the benefits of medical cannabis. I can’t wait to share more as I hopefully continue to improve. My Instagram is …


  1. I’m still wait for Gino testing they think I’ve got quite a few different types of EDS o wat fun only missed by 40 yrs now. I’ve asked my local authority about cannabis and they say they do not prescribe so I am still fighting that one with the NHS and nice. There is enough information research about people with EDS using cannabis it does work

  2. Amazing! I'm so pleased for you hun. If only more Drs would see your video to see how much it helps. My GP is refusing to prescribe paracetamol suspension because there's 'no clinical evidence it works'. I have argued the evidence is that on tablets I was in extreme pain for 4 months ending up in Addenbrooke's wanting to die. To being at home 3 weeks not in much pain at all. We have to buy the paracetamol from the chemists. Can I ask which of the specialities you're under agreed to prescribe the sativex. No names just Rheumatology etc….xxx

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