My experience with CBD oil | Bipolar Barbie

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been recently covered in the media, and you may have even seen it as an add-in booster to your post-workout smoothie or morning …


  1. I got the same reaction. Dammit, everything i take make it worse. Everything. I dont get it. Magnesium – bad symtoms, cbd – bad symtoms, b12 – bad symtoms, i cant tolerate anything. I am so tired of this. My gut is out of balance. Maybe parasites in there. All of this bipolar symtoms maybe comes from parasites. 70% of all people have them. Watch the videos from this girl:

  2. I used to take CBD also…it really gave me bad nausea, made me lazy and made me paranoid over time. Not at first, but after a year/year and a half those symptoms were terrible. I’d be throwing up many nights. I was very lethargic. I would literally come back to my room after class (I’m a college student) and would lounge/sleep in my chair. I’d put off important assignments until later, right before they were due, even staying up until 3 am and get 4-5 hours of sleep. Sounds typical for college students but I never truly did that my freshman year or now.

  3. I'm sorry you feel you had a bad experience, Cbd is not a bad substance. Have you ever considered trying CBD hemp? Basically cannabis with very low levels of THC. Dont know your country's laws, but its something to think about. I have Bipolar 1 and use hemp regularly. Usually around 100 to 170ish milligrams of cbd per joint. For me most of my anxiety is melted away, and it helps a lot with my knee pain. Also works wonders for my insomnia. Maybe you should try again for longer, minus the bad attitude about cannabis.

  4. I hate the odour of weed. It stinks everything up. Next door smoke it in the garden and it finds its way into the window vent.. up the stairs into the bedroom..bathroom hallway. It absolutely reaks to hight hell.
    Having said that, I developed COPD Emphysema. I started taking CBD oil capsules because studies and testimonials said it was good as an anti-inflammatory. Guess what. It works my breathing is massively improved now. I'm exercising twice a week. And much improved from where I was before starting the course.
    But if you're saying.. it is just a coincidence? Well then, who am I to argue.
    I should be on oxygen and close to death's door according to my lung scans..
    But as I look into the mirror I see that, I'm not going.. just yet.

  5. "i went in with a bad attitude and i came out with a negative experience" whoa…. you dont say? lol i mean fine, but its been working for me, no perscribed medicines for the past 6 months and im feeling great 🙂

  6. CBD caused my anxiety to get worse. THC helps. Im the opposite for what is said about them. Its a medication, work with your doctors, yes in the US they can perscribe and recommend dose levels and track your progress. Its not just a recreational "Drug".

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