MPs argue about the legalization of marijuana (cannabis) in the UK

The legalization of cannabis is debated in the House of Commons. Matt Hancock, MP for West Suffolk, and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, takes …


  1. Why is Matt Hancock such a mug. Just legalise the whole thing just because a couple people get psychosis, who normally have already existing mental illness or issues, means no one can use it. People drink themselves to death daily and smoke tobacco relentlessly. These poor kids need it as a medicine and all they do is elongate these “trials” to suppress the idea of legalisation. Legalisation would reduce crime as cannabis is a main contributor to gangs and criminals so why don’t we take the profit from the criminals and pump it into our economy? It can also be used to create things such as clothing, structures, candles etc. Most importantly it can be used to treat horrible health issues such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety and many more. It’s time we reform our archaic laws from as far back as 1928, which is pre World War 2 and this country has changed massively from then. Do the right thing and legalise the herb!

  2. More needs to be done to push the legalisation of weed by those who want it legalised. These clowns aren't going to do anything unless a huge amount of public pressure is put on them to do so.

  3. A plant that existed before humanity, society and government. How can a law or legislation be passed on a naturally occurring plant? It would be ridiculous to criminalize plants that are dangerous like foxgloves, hemlock or poison berries.

  4. 31:55 listen to this dumb bitch, 188,000 deaths attributed to alcohol & tobacco annually. There is nothing else to say, how can you justify a literal poison and cancer causing substance to be legal. Oh but there so concerned with the pSyCHoSiS. They no fuck all but they decide for millions of us, and everybody seems to be fine with that in this ‘democracy’

  5. Cannabis is categorised as a class B drug because it doesn’t have any medicinal benefits. Yet here is the health secretary admitting it can be prescribed by certain doctors. Clearly it is wrongly classed as a drug and should be legalised. There is no question about it in my mind.

  6. Pros of legalisation:
    Less criminal activity involving weed
    Gov will have more of a control of the black market as Weed is a huge factor
    Gov will be able to tax cannabis but not TOO much in order to stop people buying it from dealers instead of dispensaries
    anxiety and chronic pain individuals will benefit massively

    It's unbelievable how the government see alcohol and Tobacco as fine but a natural plant as Illegal.

    Tobacco causes approx 100,000 individuals to die in the U.K. Annually but isn't removed from stores yet the dangers and implications of life are known!
    Alcohol causes approx 88,000 deaths each year from overdosing and getting poising from the drink or from drink driving!

    People cannot overdose on weed! Yet it's illegal and accounts for a majority of the gang crime in London and the countryside, once legalised the black market for the product would disappear depending on the cannabis that is available legally!

  7. look at the death rate of acohol per year… know one died from smoking to much weed it crazy!!! its so backwards law!!! be world piece if everyone smoked one at once followed by a mass food shortaged! makes me feel humble majestic and can function fine can go to work daily makes me very motivated can drive safe at speed limits no different if on weed or not can skateboard even changed my engine on weed… try do that on drink no chance delta 9 dont effect your motor functions! b better to legal cannabis n line dealers pockets hate going to street corners to get my supply wonna move to the usa!!! uk mps need to wake up and smell the tax profits that much needs in the uk now!!

  8. WOW, parliaments system is flawed, for 55 mins straight all they did was discuss sad child stories from constituents and the man just kept repeating "clinical sign off is needed" they done wasted a whole hour when they could just legalise the entire plant already, these peoples mental state of mind is dated back to 1928, so stubborn and held back by the "down sides" of marijuana.. WHAT DOWN SIDES??? if your an adult, you can drink your liver off till death, smoke tobacco till you get lung cancer but the one thing that hasn't killed a soul remains illegal and totally unacceptable for personal use, its appalling… what of those adults who have insomnia and bone /muscle pains? they're NOT the typical child sad story, and therefore will be left out of the conversation for another 92 years? ridiculous.

  9. A "cap" on thc levels… norman lamb is misinformed about how they genetically curate strains to purposely imbalance the ratio of THC and CBD… CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects, but "skunk" has higher levels of THC and LOW levels of CBD to counteract those effects.. the same way medical marijuana focuses their growth and yield in CBD levels, with unnaturally low amounts of THC, essentially rendering the whole plant useless as one cannot be effective without the other.

  10. a large cannabis grow operation in Cambridge, Mrs mays husbands business, making a fortune of cannabis, selling it abroad to legalised countries, we should call the police on them collectively get THEIR operations raided and have them arrested for cultivating and distributing, and profiting off the plant ILLEGALLY in the UK.. how about that..

  11. if your going to keep cannabis criminalised? then let's criminalise alcohol and tobacco aswell because the death rates are 100% higher than cannabis, lets criminalise ALL pharmaceutical drugs while we're at it.

  12. This is pathetic the parliament would rather people drink alcohol and affect their liver or people smoke and affect their lungs etc but they are arguing over a harmless plant that brings loads of health benefits including thc and I’m sure that majority of people would smoke it at there homes instead of the public so that they aren’t vulnerable fuck people telling us what we can and can’t consume it’s my body and should be aloud do to what I want it makes me so mad I hate the U.K. so much I can’t wait to move to Canada or America or Amsterdam

  13. were working hard you look like it you could give a fuck. ill smoke it if i want and you will do nothing to stop me you drink i smoke mine is not man made god put it here for us to use so who are any of you to tell anyone they can not smoke it ha why
    you dont understand coz after a long day doing nothing you go home and have a wine and you dont have to worry about get locked up for it

  14. The thing is only the rich would be able to get the choose off legal cannabis and probably just have the poor pay out for everything ! It's like the government want a civil war on there hands. Only the rich get richer and the poor poorer. Please help everyone and we are all equal and because ppl choose to take a serten drug doesn't mean they are a criminal. All because u have £1 more then me doesn't mean u should be treated any different

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