Miracle Oil: Watch woman 'shaking uncontrollably' before taking cannabis oil

Incredible video shows woman ‘shaking uncontrollably’ before taking cannabis oil. Jill Radford has lived with uncontrollable shaking for the past decade – her …


  1. Poor soul. My grandfather had Parkinsons. Horribly debilitating. Great that it can help. As an ordinary person I will do my best to spread awareness about the effectiveness of cannabis. Hope new attitudes lead to new laws.

  2. I was totally against all things to do with cannabis, it was my upbringing, but I watched this documentary last year, and it totally changed my mind. I'm not in any way associated with this group, I'm just singing it's praises. You do have to fill in your email address to get the links, but I didn't get spammed, I did receive 1 email a week from them for a while but it was a value added email. It talkes about cancer at first, but it goes on about treating other ailments including Parkinsons.

  3. Here in Canada weed is legal but the government has a horrible processing and management skills. That being said, even if it does become legal keep treating cannabis to make your oils , butters and flowers like when it was outlawed. The govs. production is made to make money not to help or offer maximized quality service

  4. This is the reason I got involved selling CBD products. I have seen countless people who tried our products as a last resort and had the same results. Is it not time to rethink regulations and make these hemp based products legal worldwide.

  5. One important question here: can You take it even if You are already using Parkinson's disease common drugs – like sinemet and dopamine? Asking this because my dad has Parkinson and I want help him. Thank You in advance! Beppe from Italy

  6. It’s great and all and I fully support its legalisation but was there any sides effects? It appears to pretty much nearly eliminate her Parkinson’s but does it effect her mentality once she has taken the medical marijuana?

  7. Someone I know personally (for obvious reasons I have to be vague) has been taking 640mg's per day of Oxy's as a breakthrough plus Methadone as long acting and managed to get onto a supply of CBD and THC (which you need to combine as this chick in the vid has obviously and CBD doesn't work as well on its own). Methadone is a fairly recent addition (less than 2 years) via palliative to alleviate some of the Oxy use. I can't describe why this person used this stuff for obvious reasons but is chronic illness. After getting on the CBD and THC this person hasn't used ANY Oxy's but has stayed on the Methadone for safety. They are using four drops of CBD and two millilitres of THC once in the morning and once at night. It really is a miracle.

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