Mike Tyson on smoking DMT: ‘Do you understand the toad?’ | The Art of Conversation w/ Dan Le Batard

Mike Tyson explains to Dan Le Batard the spiritual awakening he underwent after smoking DMT, a psychedelic drug that occurs naturally in some plants and …


  1. I've been thinking about the correlation between the unconscious mind and psychedelic experiences. Maybe the things we experience throughout the journey of psychedelics, are the inner representation of this deep-rooted part of the mind. Since the unconscious mind works via submodalities (Feelings, Sounds, Pictures, Tastes, and Smells) it makes sense that the things we experience are just inner, metaphorical expressions of our mind.

    I have worked with hundreds of people using different therapeutic modalities. And as far as I am concerned, I can tell you that the mind is very interesting and powerful. I've learned that the inner representations of our minds do indeed reflect what you do outside of you. The things you do now depends on what you hold inside you. So for me, it is no wonder that people can experience such beautiful, but also awful things whilst on a psychedelic trip. Maybe these substances enhance this part of the brain which is responsible for the submodalities, hence people think they are been sent to another dimension, where in reality they just "explore" their inner subconscious (without the conscious interfering).
    It's just a matter of time that people, which have been emotionally abused, at one point or another, they shut off their feelings as a natural "survival" instinct. The intake of these substances now gives you the power to feel all your feelings. Maybe that's why people think they are in a place "which feels familiar" to them; that's because psychedelics give you the ability to feel feelings and emotions again. So basically they have "discovered" their buried, own feelings and emotions again, which have been suppressed all the time.
    These inner entities might be just your inner, metaphorical expression of whatever your subconscious links together to this specific subject or sensation.

    Let's say for example you had a past experience where this girl broke your heart, and you felt lonely, betrayed, and heart-broken. Now if you take DMT this "wonderful, colored elf" is just a metaphor of that "real" girl you met 20 years ago.
    I find this topic really interesting.

  2. Mike, Thank you for being so open about your experience with DMT,, and your life. I think eventually people will admire you for becoming the great man that you have grown into more than the fact that you were the world heavyweight champion.

  3. I don't get it . He is saying cus D'Amato increased his ego with all this training and mindset that took Tyson to another level. So I wonder if Tyson now a days has hard feelings over the man who made him a champ? Greetings from Colombia South America.

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