Migrant Workers are Making Thousands Trimming Marijuana in California | ABC News

A visit to the Emerald Triangle during the marijuana harvest season. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on …


  1. The reason the Librats dont want the illegals gone is they would lose their slave labor force. You dont honestly think your gonna see some hipster in his romper and man bun out in the fields picking his own lettuce do ya?

  2. Here in Northern California, any Mexican with a B1/B2 tourist visa can buy a car, get insurance and a driver's license, work illegally, and not even pay taxes. They can earn around $500 per day trimming marijuana plants in places like Gold Run, Monte Vista, Dutch Flat, Alta, Baxter, Grass Canyon, Nevada City, and all around the vicinity.

    I have been reporting this with ICE for over a year, but nothing gets done.

  3. Realy? I live in palm springs. Making $10 hr paying constantly for livescan and badges.. I'm not making shit. I'm sick of the licenses that are for people working around children, elderly or churches, schools. I'm being punished for wanting to work. I was on welfare needed a livescan and was told no. We will not help you get that job. I'm disgusted that places like Cannadescent who charge top dollar but pay employees shit. Treat them like shit ( promise them work but it's sporatic). I def want to work where ever these trimmers are.

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