1. you need to cut back on doctor meds. every time the doctor upped my friends med his symptoms got 10 times worse. he's only taking 25% of his medication. He is eating 5 healthy big cannabis leafs a day and this is helping him out massively. really good research on eating raw cannabis, they actually classify it as a superfood.. hope this knowledge helps, good luck and dose up. thanks for making this video, maybe it can help convince other people I meet along my journey.

  2. This poor woman reminds me of my own Mother, she's had PD for 9 years. Today (in about 2 hours from now) she will legally obtain her Medical Marijuana card, and we hope her results are proven positive, like this beautiful woman. She reminds me so much of what my Mother is going through. This decision took 2 years to make. Many people suggested that we sneak it into her food/drink, but I'd come back with a response like, "Would you lie to your Mother?" We, as a family, could not come to grips with not being honest with her. We chose to involve her. Wish us luck.

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