Mayo Clinic Radio: CBD products – what's safe to use?

On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Dr. Brent Bauer, director of research for the Mayo Clinic Integrative Medicine Program, and Dr. Karen Mauck, a Mayo Clinic …


  1. Pls let me know the best CBD oil I should use I suffer from migraines headache weakness scatia nerve pain pinch nerve having problems falling asleep tingling on my legs back pain and weakness loss of appetite , my neurologist put me on gabapintin other pain medicine that has lots of side effects , who cab I trust with my life

  2. I stopped believing these office Jockeys when they called the Cannabis plant Marijuana. Theres two species within Cannabis; Sativa and Indica. Hemp has been a Strain of sativa. Some of the strongest THC producing Strains have been Sativa and Hybrids.

  3. So why is the world health organization not a good source of research on cbd and the Cannabinoids? They have tons and tons of information on this. How about Israel for that matter. The leading labrotory research in the world on cannabis cannabinoids!
    What bugs me regarding the FDA is the amount of trash they approve where many times side effects are worse then the condition your trying to treat.
    Not to mention the people heading that department over the last I don't know how long have been CEO s of major company's that need there approval. Hence conflict of interest. And when people want me to be naive about oh just trust it. I remember people have done real bad stuff for alot less money!

  4. It is safe to say CBD works for many people for pain, anxiety, arthritis or sleeplessness. It is also safe to say that it is safer to use than most medications prescribed by your physician. For God's Sake, alcohol, smoking and many other items that we know are dangerous for our bodies are iegal and now we have something that has been out there for generations in many countries and it has been known to be extremely safe and effective. Those using it with other medications need to take precautions and there needs to be warnings for pregnant women and children. Buy from a health food store or reputable company.

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