1. Reschedule cannabis federally! Stop beurocracy & bs. Years waiting for medicine we can grow at home & afford! Something that other states addressed when they opened the medical cannabis law. MD didn't. Politics & profits! Availability to all incomes should be the main concern. But they're all about controlling ads & profits. NOT the patient's needs! STOP THE BS & GREED. Its life saving. Stop limiting access.

  2. Holy shit "Many many many many many examples" the guy asks for a an actual number and now all of a sudden she cant remember because it was "many many many many many months ago" damn knowing this women has a large say so for the Medical space in Maryland is scary. Keep these kinda videos coming.

  3. 'Recreational' is just a word made up by bureaucrats. Everyone choosing to partake in cannabis is doing so for a reason! Who are we to decide if their reason is "medicinal" enough?

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