1. Quite honestly, I believe that people just need a new reason for the weakness that they can fathom and that isnt as bad as the ideas they have in their mind. LHS AND IAN both rallied after someone provided good DD (credit to Dan for Ian) that it was due to cheap paper and it's near the average price of that paper now. If many names could do that in the sector, it would change the sentiment imo and spark a rally. People just have strange ideas in their mind about why it's been so weak the past many months (conservatives, valuations, etc) that I think they are afraid to buy. Just a thought

  2. My question is regarding IAN is the news with the possible Nevada purchase came out first thing in the morning so I would of thought any bullish reaction would of came out in the morning and carried on throughout the day but it actually traded down until the last 5 min candle stick than the massive move up so I don't believe the possible move was a reaction to the possible deal. I think the what happened was the guy who's been selling all those shares that Dan called out on got busted and was like fuck they caught on I better buy some now so they don't think it was me driving the share price down lol… Something else going on I think though that drove the price up!!

  3. My Magic 8 Ball says:
    GTII will test the daily EMA trendline soon, possibly tomorrow. And TRUL and IAN will see another green bar tomorrow on the daily…
    (Everything I wrote is pure bull$hit, do not listen to anything I say)

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