1. I know u mentioned that u have an advantage playing oversold bounces…do you ever play anything short, either straight short or buying puts? Even if short term..just wanna get your perspective from the bear side..

  2. Tgod OUCH. So many believers in that one buying more. Whats the best strategy when holding a bag? Just sell it and suck up the loss and move into something that is moving up? I got some ian but feeling like its too risky.

  3. Thanks Dan for your daily videos. Your knowledge truly helps us newbies read charts better. Very clear, precise, unbiased, and to the point. I was really happy when you started covering VGW but I have not seen you cover them the last couple of days. With Labs not doing much could I kindly ask you to to cover VGW’s chart as they had some good guidance today. Your chart guidance helps immensely. Thank you for your continued support and also love the garden updates as a gardener myself.

  4. Dan, some people are looking at stockwatch. they claim that some big manipulations are happening. canaccord is one of the manipulators, apparently. and an Anonymous guy(institution?) too.

    the conspiracy, in general, is that they are trying to flush as much of the weak, easily scared persons / institutions (retail) out of the market. so that when the time comes.. it goes up, and doesnt stop, hitting close to 1000% on some of the big MJ names

    Oct is coming, and with it, legalization 2.0. What are your thoughts on all of this? do you see any market manipulations going on?

  5. I’m wondering if the MedMen deal will have any implications for Acreage and Canopy… ACRGF is holding up well and closed near the high of day. Current price of .5818 CGC shares per acreage share is about 66% higher than where we closed today

  6. Why do you stop covering a ticker just because it is either in free fall or excessively bearish? Just curious. Are you mad at it for dumping? As an analyst of the sector you have the prerogative to cover whatever you want but wouldnt you want to show both sides of the coin,so to speak?

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