1. Hey Dan, no wonder you've been able to do so well with indicators like that! 😀

    I was just curious about swing entries. I thought you had previously said its a good idea to make an entry, and if it's going your way to add (on a dip). I'm seeing this as a viable strategy to minimize risk off the get-go with less on the line to possibly get stopped out on a tight stop loss if bottom fishing.

    Recently you've said you make your entry and scale out. I know your strategy has changed over the past couple years, I just want to make sure my strategy doesn't have anything inherently wrong with it.

  2. Go Dan, Take the money and run. But I actually miss the days when weed was illegal . If I didn't eat the whole brownie my kids friend gave me I would feel different probably. I did not realize a brownie could do that to a grown man. Great video.

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