1. Question…When you say price has to break above a certain level on a daily chart to confirm a trend change, Do you mean it has to CLOSE above that level that day or just break it even if it closes down from that level?

  2. I made some big mistakes at the end of 2018, beginning of 2018 and the majority are still in the red. Don’t have a job or cash that I can average down with so i’ve just been forced to hold. But it’s actually been a blessing because i get to watch your videos, soak in the info and now i’m totally unemotional about the everyday swings. Hopefully by late 2019 i’ll be in the green so I can sell, and at that time it’ll be game on with a totally new perspective. Lessons learned indeed.
    Love the farming videos. Wonder what percentage of your audience gets it.

  3. your last comment really hit home man u are right u do learn alot of lessons in this game…so many times i didnt listen to my gut feeling eg had 2 chances to sell ACB when it hit all time highs twice and didnt take 200% gains…averaged down on N and am at 1.67 this time i will sell tomorow hoping for a gap up to squeeze some profit out but atleast ill get back my intial investment and buy in again when it dips because indeed it is way over extended

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