Marijuana breathalyzer to be available in 2020: Report

FOX Business’ Susan Li breaks down a new report on marijuana breathalyzers that detects pot-use within three hours. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a …


  1. Politicians love big brother as long as the spotlight is not pointed at them. Everyone that works in government needs to submit hair follicle testing quarterly and all emails need to be published monthly. If they use personal email addresses for government use they need to be arrested for treason.

  2. ok so where does it stop? ok say someone smoked the stuff and walked to the store or wherever..they see a person walking and check this person for dmoking in the last few hours it considered public intoxication like alcahol? or riding a bicycle?..probably make alot of people stop using that and go back on opioids again…or drinking ..ok imagine getting stopped at dui checkpoint ..ok you must take a breathilizer for alcahol…ok you passed that one now take this one for marajuana..ok you passed that one too do we have any other tests? wow when does it stop? its regulated by the gov and get them for using it although its supposed to be legal…sure get them on dui charges as well.
    if they try using that ..then all should stop buying it for a month or two ..stop paying the gov for it then let the stocks crash ..what if your a passinger in a many times have passengers been breathilized? more than you

  3. Can't say we didn't see this coming! This is going to clog up the courts even more than they already are! So how much is too much? How can they put a limit on it? You don't get legless smoking weed and you really don't get any higher at a certain point!

  4. What they're gonna do is cause people to start doing edibles where you don't know how much you're consuming in order to circumvent this device and possibly end up with more crashes from people being too high then.. I do however support this for the use in businesses so that employees won't get fired when they fail a urine test because they may have smoked the night before.
    But a 3 hour test seems a bit much. It should be 30 minutes tops. There ain't a person on here that would still be high 3 hours after smoking… Seems like more democracy by the sword…

  5. 🤦🏻‍♀️OMG🤦🏻‍♀️ are you kidding me it’s medicine a breathalyzer for marijuana what else will the government do to stop we the people 🤦🏻‍♀️ this one beautiful see that God has given us so we don’t have to take pills🙏

  6. Good, it might help get druggy losers off the road and stop them maiming and killing innocent people who live decent lives. I can't wait for all the usual comments justifying and defending their selfish actions.

  7. As a former blazer everyday for 10 years I’m totally for this! There should be the same driving restrictions as alcohol. I think three hours is a good time period. Even if your a seasoned smoker you shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Just stay at home and blaze away. Call an Uber or food delivery service. Without this technology the feds will never give weed a chance. This will also protect people that actually have a good job. Even if it’s legal recreationally most good jobs still test. So basically without this type of test the only people that can smoke are bums and losers without jobs. I would one day like to smoke again so quit complaining and trying to ruin it for everybody. I will say that smoking weed doesn’t have an effect like alcohol does when it comes to walking and seeing. It does have a mental effect which some people that aren’t used to it may have trouble paying attention to details. Especially driving In an unfamiliar place. Still not as dangerous as drinking and driving but still impairs, just differently. All and all I’m glad they have a way to test.

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