Marijuana Brain Cognition Test – Playing a game of Chess blind folded

Does Marijuana distort memory ?? What about Marijuana Beer ?? We test Marijuana THC containing beer to see if it causes any short term memory issues.


  1. Don’t play chess when you’re high. It may be harmless in moderation but over the course of tens of thousands of hours it will seriously fuck your thought process up. When you stop playing chess but you continue thinking with a chess mentality it opens up an entire world of delusions and paranoia about every possible way the world could work against you. You spend so much time thinking about how the opponent is going to trick you and when you are high the game naturally leaks into reality and you will find yourself questioning things you never would have questioned with a clear mind and going through great stress and lack of security and sleeping with guns over nothing. Even without drugs enough chess over a life time does this naturally and it is evidenced by dozens of documented cases of grandmasters losing their minds in retirement. Just don’t do it, and don’t take the game too seriously if you don’t have the skill to go far. Be honest and evaluate your performance instead of pretending to be an anime character who can do anything he sets his mind to and thinking it’s actually possible to become a grandmaster when you flat out weren’t born with the ability to. Don’t do it to yourself no matter how tempting. Because once you experience the deep thought coupled with a nice high in a beautiful chess game it is more addicting than any physical sensation could ever be.

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