Marijuana Activist Faces 10 Years in Prison for Using Facebook Live

A 20-year-old student activist was charged with felony wiretapping for using Facebook Live while in the office of Rep. Andy Harris, known for pushing back …


  1. A huge problem,and all across the nation,is not being able to hold prosecutors accountable for their actions.They can and do prosecute outrageous cases with impunity,knowing they won't/can't be held liable in any way.Many innocent people are in prison,many are in there for purely political reasons(just look at Assange).There needs to be mechinisms in place to hold these people accountable for their actions

  2. It's a good thing that this prosecutor is going after this activist under the unconstitutional wire tapping charge. I actually hope he's convicted so that this can go to federal court on appeal. Best of luck to this young man.

  3. Until ATF signs off on this drug there's going to be 'wiggle room' in it enough for the Gov'mint to arrest anyone who makes it look fun and reasonably safe.
    You want that marijuana card? Well sign right there, but its a national register for people who use the drug and it's held by a 'governing body' that has NO loyalty to it's oath, it's word, it's written promises.

  4. It's time for us not to stand by no longer,what I don't understand if we lie to Congress it's a felony but Congress lied to us , It's just politics,, let's take control and show who they work for ,,,we don't work for them they work for us ,and this person needs help y'all should back this person up, for not doing anything wrong but for doing the right thing.?

  5. Dude needs another lawyer. And the law doesn't care whether you know or not. Ignorance of the LAW is not a defense. And yet people are still too stupid to get rid of CRIMINAL "law" and allow this oppression upon us all. The people have no "will" because representative democracy is a FARCE.

  6. Mr. Burdett is not a real activist, if he was, he would have stood his ground instead of surrendering to coercion. Unjust laws should never be obeyed. He had a chance to help bring about change, but instead got scared and backed down. Yes, activism is dangerous, it's part of the price for freedom. When the state can intimidate you into submission, that isn't justice, that's criminal intimidation. I understand Mr. Burdett's position, but he cannot call himself a true activist; he is a wannabe activist that backs down under pressure. Maybe he learned his lesson, I don't know, but either you stand your ground or you don't. Maybe as he gets older, he will become more of a man…

  7. The fact that the ACLU didn't call you to take this pro bono is very telling of what they have become=Controlled Opposition for the establishment=oligarchy. How can business's/banks/police stations/the Federal Govt. record you yet you can't record a politician? It's not as if people have a real choice weather to leave their own property or to use a bank or go to the town hall but yet they claim you give up YOUR Right to privacy yet they themselves are not subject to this? That isn't what the Constitution says. This system is that of rulers & serfs plain & simple & sadly yes this isn't something you can fix at the ballot box or through any branch of govt. since they have all been entirely subverted as they are filled with people who are knowingly working as subversives for an oligarchy. Revolution followed by Direct Democracy is the only legit answer to this everything anything else would be some perversion & quickly co-opted into a different version of puppet theatre.

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