1. We are growing more of these ones now too
    Its tiny compared to the ones we have musk mallow
    Great tips thanks i love them
    Im growing a very tall pink one it has dark pink lines in the flower
    My dad gave me seeds for that one its pretty
    A taste of the tropics way up north in Ontario
    Much love xoxox

  2. Hello Susun! I have seen a plant similar to this n the past, had no idea it was edible, thanks to u, I do now. So when we meet again, I will enjoy. U said it’s slimy when cooked, seeing how I like okra, I’ll have to see if I like this when cooked, if not, salads it will be! I LOVE GREEN BLESSINGS, and I appreciate u for teaching me about them! Thank u Susun

  3. Susan you look amazing. I meet you once I believe at sage mountain. We just lost beautiful annie McCleary and not too long ago George L. I miss them dearly they taught me for over 6 years wild edibles. I would love to come see you herbal friend. How can I contact you for a visit or just sit in on a class to see you and connect? My YouTube is tajeanhus greens herbs and produce. Email me through there or on fb and Instagram Tammy Hudson. Love you sweet lady. Hope to see you soon. Peace & Namaste.

  4. You are svelte again! I think it was your talk that said women spread out and take up more space after meanopause, and rightfully so. I'm in it and getting fat as a pig, miserable. You look so beautiful!

  5. I had Just been out side looking at a Mallow Plant. I was wondering what is that. I'll have to look that up! I came back in and Bam! The was your video. I was thinking that looks like an interesting geranium like looking plant. Thank you for the information! Have a Blessed Day!

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