1. This video made me realize how lonely I am. Why I don't eat until 3am at my dorm because I don't want to run into anyone, why I never reply to texts, answer calls or open the door if anyone knocks, why I don't have any friends and go sometimes multiple days without saying a word

  2. You shall be open to people and interact in a friendly manner but not be friends till you are sure they're your type.

    I have lived alone as well as with huge number of friends back in college days. Being lonely is when I got the time to learn and develop.
    Remember: Less people you chill with, less BS you deal with.

  3. I been feeling lonely or lonly for the past years now pluss im a tomboy and im in 8 grade. And i have not so manye friends..i been feeling depresst since 5 all the way too 8 there i am now. And i am realy happy now that i got more friends! But deep inside me i still have this big dark side in me and i don't want to let it out. Because than i feel sad all the time and mad. And i don't want that. But im still thankfull for that i have friends.

  4. AMAZING video, I think I seen this in my future and did turn things around but only just short of the point of no return, where even though I got married and now surrounded by people (and animals) that love me my ability to feel genuine happiness is shunted big time. I feel drawn back to a solitary life because I don’t see how I am a force for good in anyone’s life. My wife has almost infinite patience but that just makes me feel even more that she deserves better.

  5. This was a video that really opened my eyes to myself. I am very defensive and I am scared to open up in an intimate relationship. I just isolate myself when my thoughts become negative most times. I yearn for closeness but I am very scared to do so. Thank you for exposing myself to the truth about my loneliness. It feels great to know u guys are there to help.

  6. I have only one really good friend who I tell everything to unfiltered. To everyone else, I am a weird recluse. If that friend goes away, everything good, fun and warm about me will cease to exist, and the expectations from everyone else will be triumphantly fullfilled.

  7. My sister moved away with her partner years ago. My two longest friends have drifted away over the last few months. My best friend stopped talking to me a few weeks ago because she didn't like that I was interested in another girl. And the girl I was interested in ghosted me a few days ago because I made a dumb joke about something that was personal.

    I got 3 cats and a doggo. I love them so much. People are the worst. My animals never leave me, they never drift away, they never ignore me and they never take my jokes wrong.

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