1. Sucks brother. I am a new to channel and I love it. Try to take some plants that were outdoor into late December got some mold obviously, it is my least favorite thing. I love the fact that you're using high humidity in your grow. I have heard very good things about that approach, I believe it was Jaya Palmer or Nate Gibbs who I first heard it from on Tad Hussey's pod cast. Fantastic to see you running it, and I will learn a lot pouring through your videos here. I am wondering why you did not attempt to return to your normal atmospheric ratios or vpd when you reestablished control over your environment. I understand your reasoning stated on the video, but do you have empirical evidence of the superiorority of the approach you took vs your vpd method to restore health to a mold infected garden? In my experience, as I am sure most others, a dry environment is the best way to stop mold progression.

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