1. Best bet is to have a lawn like mine. It contains over 20 species, resists drought, and has beautiful blooms (best in spring). It doesn't require ANY fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. We need to stop following outdated paradigms that are leading to the destruction of the environment. That, and it just doesn't look nearly as good as a well developed lawn ecosystem. The chemical landscaping industry is selling an ugly lie.

  2. Like you, I live in MA and would like to know how you determine when to put the pre emergent down. Do you do it around the same date every year, or base it on the temp, or is it some other method, etc? My lawn is probably 90% crabgrass at this point, so I was just going to let it die this winter and try the pre emergent in the spring. Please let me know your thoughts.

  3. Great Channel! I've watched nearly all. 2 questions. First, if I were to use Lesco Fertilizer, how do I know which to use "19-0-6"? what are those numbers and how do I determine which is best for my lawn. Second, if we still have some concerns about the risks to children and pets could I get away with having a great lawn with Tenacity alone as a post emergent? Thanks for the insight and advice. Please continue with the great videos.

  4. I once watched a video where you use Tenacity. I fail to find it right now (because you have many good videos, and sometimes it isn't easy to navigate among them), but I recall you have a good wide coverage sprayer. What sprayer did you use? Or is it just a matter of nozzle? Thank you!

  5. The negative I see here is that this is poison and ends up draining down to waterways. It's harmful to life. This year I went organic, used a ton of chicken manure, hand pulled out weeds. Have never seen so many good insects in the garden: (Bee's, butterflies, dragonflies, hover flies…). Pollination of plants was fantastic: happy days and no harmful chemicals.

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