Koi 250mg CBD Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit Vape Juice Review

Another piece to my puzzle for legal cannabis use. Koi 250mg CBD Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit Vape Juice Review.


  1. Hey man good job, it's tough but so worth it. Good luck. And also check and see if it's legal were you live but try krarom. It made it so I could get off pain killers (I was taking them legally) but I could feel them hurting me. Krarom and marijuana go hand in hand from what ive been told. I might get into cbd to just help with my back pain a bit more.

  2. Should look up how much CBD you actually need to vape to make a difference. I need about 30 which means I would need to vape fuckin 4ml of that shit to get in the ballpark. That’s a bout half a day of vaping for me

  3. I have koi right now but I did a little more research about cbd vape oil and you want the ones with only vegetable glycerin (VG) not propylene glycol (PG). Propylene Glycol isn’t good for you and can be harmful. I noticed it gives me a sore throat for a few hours. Koi brand uses a combination of PG and VG. Green Roads CBD brand is only VG. I’ll be trying it when I’m out of my koi

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