1. I feel like some people use cannabis as an escape goat for their problems . And ppl don't take account of there health and life experiences that can possibly play a big part on that same bad experience with the drug. Also I hate how ppl don't learn more about cannabis before they pick up and smoke black market weed from some randoms friend hand. There are so many factors that no one ever considers and just blames it on cannabis and I kind of hate seeing this every time…

  2. Yes marijuanna litrally cause anxiety disorder. I myself is a living example. I do agree it will not cause everyone who is using but some people like me happens to be less tolerance of its effect on my neuro chemical, hence i was diagnosed with SUBSTANCE INDUCED anxiety disorder and depression. I am still in medication. Guys it up to you to disagree with me but yes it can cause and induce metal health problem specially to vulnerable ones.

  3. I don't think everything in this video is correct. But, I don't think it's all bad. The Dr. at the end clearly stated that cannabis ABUSE can precede mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.
    I believe firmly because of so much I've seen and experienced by now, that cannabis can be a powerful aid for spiritual growth and understanding. Then again, the disrespectful overuse of it, like many people do, is what usually leads to losing control and becoming confused, lost or in the worst case, ill.
    Like with any and every excess, you will have undesirable consequences that might hurt you and others.

  4. ik u guys think this is stupid but the pass 4 years of straight smoking my anxiety has been off the roof from feeling nauseous to not being able to move and i ignored weed because i smoke it every day i didn’t think it was causing it so one day i took a tolerance break for a week and i didn’t feel the anxiety i was feeling when i was smoking. you guys can disagree all you want but everyone is different from eachother and not everyone can cope with things like everyone else does and i’m not disagreeing with weed being bad i love weed it’s just i think it’s been playing a big role in my anxiety lately and i think it’s time for a break for a while

  5. I am not against cannabis. In fact I think, in (careful) moderation it can be healthy and good for you. I think alcohol is worse, in comparison. I have personally witnessed two people close to me that would smoke daily, multiple times a day, mentally deteriorate fast over the years. One is 27 and the other is around 34. Both diagnosed with schizophrenia and one with schizophrenia and psychosis. I don't think cannabis causes schizophrenia but it does advance it. To my knowledge, they were never on any other drugs. Both were successful individuals. One, graduated top of his class at UCA. The other was in the Air Force and made a great living as an aviation mechanic. Now they both live under the care of their parents, under medication. IDK that it would happen to everyone. I think my friends are examples of people who were pre-dispositioned to these mental illnesses and would use it in excess, but there should be some consideration to this. Thanks to anyone who read this.

  6. Whatever ill keep smoking. Was depressed and anxious long before i discovered weed. I cant necessarily trust those studies and stuff but i can trust the way i feel when im high. From feeling so shit i wanted to actually die to going out on my skateboard every day. Thats what weed did for me. So you can all fuck right off with all your bullshit about weed causing depression.( Almost never got out of bed when my depression was bad before i discovered weed.) Sometimes the promise of a escape was enough to get me through the day and completing daily tasks like school and chores. Thats escape was provided by weed. Theres also a flip side where you cant use too much or the only thing that will make you happy is weed.(even if it already is lol)

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