Jupiter OG, week 10 of Flower, Flushing Her In Preparation For Harvest.

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  1. So i have a question im growing in soil in week 8 of flower and was just wondering when i go to flush do i just give my plants ph water? Ive seen videos of people taking there plants in the tub and just dumping ph water the 1 guy used 36 gallons total and ppm his run off down to about 100 is this the right or wrong way to flush

  2. 6 gal pot,great soil …on my friends…and porch..( She has her med card) she Waters correctly till she gets a good run off…She likes to follow the FF schedule which is the nutes she has…its not as dry as she thinks it should be to re water her nutes after 7 days…5th week of flower…super healthy on every level….But she DOES NOT want to risk over watering or CAUSING g a problem and losing all her effort …she has eary MS…it helps her alot…..What is your advice…?
    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience about GODS greatest plant gift to mankind….NO FLOWER can hold the trichome of comparable of some of this plants smells…you know this to be fact…Much heavenly sent favor on you for what you do to help others…Thank you.

  3. On your weed tube. You say that you lower your ph as the plant goes through it’s life cycle. I was always led to believe that you went from 5.8 to 6.0. All the way through the plants life cycle??

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