1. Congratulations on your find with Juicing 💯%🙏 Wee DEFO need this Cannabis Legal 🌎World Wide ESPECIALLY when it has So many Excellent Non Addictable consequences.This is a Life Saving Normal Mother Natures Plants.I'm sure that the Big Pharmaceutical companies DON'T want this,It would Will help so many people world 🌎Wide with all sorts of help from the Cannabis Plant 🌱🍃

  2. Cool video Dr Group. I must say it was the chronic! Juicing the male plant & hermaphrodite as well, interesting. Perhaps hermaphrodite's are survival instincts of a cannabis plants? A genetic mutation? Kinda reminds me of what happens to frogs when to much at-tra-zine is in their environment. Anywho, As someone who has advocated for cannabis for years now i find this video to be a breathe of fresh air. Keep up the great works.

  3. excellent video thanks!…gives fascinating insight into the ''not so familiar ways'' that THC-a can be converted to THC…
    who would of guessed that apple & citrus could facilitate that process??..not me.i'm now wondering if it is yet known
    which compounds within these fruits cause the reaction…acids converting acids?

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