Jack Herer Marijuana Harvest + Dry Weights – Complete Guide

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  1. Can you make more of these videos? (Harvesting I mean. Because you have a lot of beginning videos (how to start weed) but not a lot of end stuff. Do all your grows make it to the end? Why so few harvest videos???
    You even push the "how tos" in this one while not focusing very well on this videos process….

  2. I see you have the carbon filter on the outside of the drying tent, how did you hook it up to blow it out backwards and did it eliminate the smell? Have you dried with the carbon filter in the tent ever? There is some controversy that the filter in the tent in bloom can pull off terpines, wondering if you have any experience with that…..Great grow man!!!

  3. my jack H plants did not stretch at all, but on 26 inch clones i got almost 40 grams per plant.. the smell is GAS, with a slight sour, they had no haze/pine smell at all. but my gosh i love jack..i cant wait to run it again, just wish i could keep a mom, but i do have a real nice northern lights male that i might use to make seeds..
    nice grow, dude..

  4. Hey,

    First off, thanks for all of the videos, yours have been the best in being clear and understandable.
    Second, can you maybe do a terminology video? Iโ€™m super new to this, well the growing process lol, and I kinda get lost on things like burping and plant classification.
    -Kiki ๐Ÿน๐Ÿ’›

  5. for first time trimmers like i was please think about the fact depending on how much bud you have it takes up to 2 hours to correctly trim the bud per plant,as well better have 2-4 trimmers or else it will take even longer as they get all sticky and have to be soaked for cleaning every 20 minutes. as well practice because this work hurts like hell after a time.cramped hands like hell. the trimming almost ruined the whole enjoyment so plan well.

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