It's Official Cannabis 2.0 – Let the Games Begin $$$$$$$$$$$$$

It’s Official Cannabis 2.0 – Let the Games Begin $$$$$$$$$$$$$ – RICH TV LIVE – OCTOBER 17, 2019 – cannabis 2.0 – legalization of marijuana derivatives …


  1. I celebrated 2.0 today by going to a brand new , and recently opened SQDC near my home . I must say I was very impressed . I was greeted with a very attentive and friendly service , good selection , very clear products presentation and excellent parking , the whole package was a class act . Yes they had the awesome Hexo $125. / oz special in stock as well as nicely stocked shelves clearly indicating the varieties ( indica , sativa , hybrid ) oils , etc. Nicely set-up , with a good amount of stock . I picked up a nice little blue box of Helios Sativa Flower by Hexo . The quality and care they put into this product , I found amazing . What an aroma and perfect freshness ! An excellent , well executed grow , manicure and perfect dryness of this very fine Sativa strain . Wow … seriously blown away . Love it . Definitely going back for more , and to as well try out all the other varieties they had to offer . I much prefer this type of clean , quality shopping versus ANY shady black market stinky weirdow dealer type scene . They made me a very happy and impressed customer today . I rate my first experience A-1 + I will most definitely be going back for more shopping . Hey those little blue boxes will make GREAT XMAS GIFTS for SURE this year ! Digging it muchley

  2. Election canada oct 21/2019 ……..liberals need to get the win to get this going ,if any other party NDP/GREEN PARTY/CONSERVATIVES could create a problem,only the LIBERAL PARTY can keep this going .I hope mondays vote is for LIBERALS i will feel much better to continue to invest,so iam holding off until after the votes come in……

    That's their quote from the Sustainability section:
    <<Sustainability is at the core of everything we do – it’s even in our name! We chose the brand name ‘Re‑Up’ because it not only refers to replenishing one’s supply of cannabis, it can also stand for ‘recycle, upcycle.’ The plastic in our cannabis packaging is 100% recyclable*, and we use white labels with minimal printing to reduce the volume of ink used. We believe that in order to decrease waste, used cannabis products and packaging should be reused, recycled or turned into something new whenever possible.>>

    <<High value, low cost cannabis products, created with no waste, no fuss and no compromise>>

    52week high for Zenabis will come.
    GLTA and thanks RICH !

  4. Rich love your channel don’t let the trolls get to you let them stay stupid. If they can’t realize what’s about to come and what has born we have to thin the herd anyways leave them behind. They still can’t fathom this is here to stay and will only get bigger and bigger. Keep the solid videos coming I always look forward to them 👍👍💥

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