Is Vaping Marijuana Safe? Death And Lung Disease Linked To E-Cigs Call That Into Questione | TIME

Vaping THC may be behind many of the serious lung diseases that have been tied to e-cigarette use––raising concerns about an increasingly popular way of …


  1. the fake news really don't know whats going on…these people vaping are smoking drugs pure nicotine ect…its not weed morons..these kids are making homemade liquids to smoke… but no care in the world of the drugs pouring into america and killing Tens of thousands a yr..and now this is a crisis because its teens and the liberals got to pretend they care about children even tho they support abortion and taking care of illegal alien children..such arrogant, self-centered, self righteous, narcissistic, superiority complex people

  2. It is the dirty distilliate being sold around the market that taints the cannabis oil carts plus the carts are made in china containing lead. Making cannabis oil is a large process and ya need distilliate n its gotta be clean! Just buy shit thats been tested n passed-

  3. Bruh it’s all the boof carts that are getting people sick. Wax carts are not supposed to rapidly move(look at how the bubble goes up and down it should stay completely still when you turn over the cart) and also they are not supposed to be dark in color.

  4. 👎👎 People are getting sick from buying thc(marijuana) cartridges off the street cut with vitamin e acetate. Fake and home made THC/CBD cartridges and juice is the real problem, not traditional vaping products. That's why you're seeing this rapid outbreak. Tell the truth or say nothing

  5. That old synthetic marijuana that can’t be gotten rid of turned into vaping product. That stuff made people sick in its basic form until the crack down on it. Caused neurological problems too. Seen what it does to people close to me first hand, and something was seriously wrong with it. They need to find out where this product is coming from. Kids have been vaping thc for years now and this is pretty recent development. I don’t condone vaping nor kids getting high but they are going to do it regardless. They always have. Making things like pot hard to access is what gets kids trying stuff like bath salts.

  6. politically charged smear campaign. The people presenting the information on the news have little to no idea what theyre talking point is. Vapes have been around for years and all the sudden in a two week time period all these "vape" related illness cases are exploding give me a break. Not to mention the way they have generalized the subject matter is also a head scratcher.

  7. "During the work-up and the history, all the patients that we saw had used or consumed THC through their vaped, vaping devices through the e-cigarette." Dr. Daniel Fox / "The majority reported using a THC-based product." Dr. Jennifer Layden / Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  8. Ooooh goody, scare tactics with faulty information! Marijuana is natural because it's a bloody plant!!! We might not have extensive clinic studies, because doing those were outlawed in case they didn't end up supporting prohibition, but we have enough anecdotal evidence to know the risks. Literally hundreds of years of anecdotal evidence.

    If you look at the reports, rather than the scary headlines, a tiny percentages of vape users (THC, THC and nicotine and nicotine alone) are developing lung problems and the CDC has no idea why. They have no idea why since people are using unregulated products that include additives that are considered safe when you eat them but no one has any idea what happens when you combust and inhale them.

    That's also true about the legal vapes which is why this is so nuts. I invent a new product that no one has done testing on and before anyone figures out what happens to vaporised mango flavor it's safe for sale! Marijuana has resulted in fewer deaths over the last thousand years than the number of vape and traditional cigarette related deaths this month.

    So glad we're going to continue the war on drugs using emotion and scare tactics rather than using facts and logic.

  9. If you want to inhale anything other than air, then accept the consequences for your stupid choices. I have no pity for smokers, vapor-ers, drug users, alcoholics or any other person that consumes these substances. The information is out there … The dangers are known …. Let them harm them self … They are weak minded humans … Natural Selection …

  10. IT is definitely safe to vape good carts at a low wattage i would say. The problem is all the kids are getting is illegal carts (THC pens) because to the seller they are worth like 20$ but the kids are paying 40$ so they are very widely made fakes for most brands. These carts are made somewhere we don't know anything about, there are definitely pesticides and bad things in some of these carts. Kids finally were getting 60$ good quality carts until plugs get caught and now everywhere its only fake carts. Government at its finest…..

  11. If they would just smoke the real thing instead of fake, harmful, synthetic THC. Probably the vitamin E or pesticides to save dangerous government taxed marijuana crops. Just trying to put doubt in your minds about Cannabis. E cigarettes don't have any marijuana at all. Cannabis is a known cancer fighter. Should be able to buy it at garage sales. Just don't let any kids have any (because they'll drive the price up).

  12. If you want to attempt to be responsible journalist, look into why the media has assailed us with misleading information regarding conflating ecigs with vaping illegal street drugs. I have never seen such a mass pile on of misleading and biased coverage. Then you might want to address why are kids doing this. In the states where weed is legal, the high taxes on it have caused illegal sales to soar. Young people are drawn to the cheaper sources naturally. Why are you not making a fuss about our politicians putting our youth in danger with their greed to tax legal weed? Yeah, bet TIme won't go there.

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