Is CBD Oil Worth The Hype? Doctor Answers Your Questions Live | NBC 6

Does CBD oil live up to the hype? We’re here with Dr. Michelle Weiner, a CBD and medical marijuana expert, to talk the myths and truths of cannabidiol. NBC 6 …


  1. Pls let me the best kind of CBD I should buy. I bought peak zen 250 mgs, I had lot of headache and upset stomach and could not sleep all night . I felt weak . I need help I have anxiety and menopause. Right now am using alprazolam .5 mgs

  2. Thank you Dr Weiner. Have known Michelle a few years now. Brilliant woman.
    Utilizing this video on my brands website. We address every issue she brought up. Guaranteed dosing as we hand measure every dose. People need to be able to trust that what is stated on packaging is actually IN the product. Has made me crazy for years. Also, there’s absolutely no excuse not to use a measured dropper.

  3. Big problem here is lots of employers do drug testing and you are rolling the dice taking CBD oil even if you do your research. Drug testing needs to be restructured to allow very small amounts of THC.

  4. One thing i noticed at this point (i've been watching youtube videos on the cbd studies for about a year now) when doctors say to watch out when buying the oil cause it might not contain any cbd in it at all. One BIG pattern i'm seeing now is it SEEMS like the oil is legit, they're is a legitimate amount of hemp in the oil, it's the edibles that are getting a bad rap (hemp gummies, candies etc) that have little to no hemp in it

  5. Not talking about the sideeffects or what to do when u feel worse? Will it go away or Cbd is just not right for u.😊 and if u have bad symptoms u havnet had befor or havent have for years?

  6. After spinal surgeries, CBD/THC mix of RSO 10:1 cuts pain by up to 80%. The THC component pushes the envelope of your mind to not pay much attention to the pain and lends yourself out as a bit more outgoing and pleasant. Back pain folks are normally not so charmy. The THC helps polish the edges of our minds. CBD oil alone is a try it, it may work. Just stay with reputable products.

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