1. I like the name Face it or Face Up for your studio..you can do anything you're so kind! THANK YOU for reviewing Rhianna but I forget you said the toner was tops/niacinamide….I was thinking about Paula's Choice toner as Niacinamide is like ingredient.#3? I always look at ingredients! I'm obsessed
    .thanks for enabling me lol

  2. Give it away to Tucson!!! For $68 I'm about to buy Josie Moran's CBD oil and or cream but Thanx to your beautiful self I'ma check out Peter Roth and I like the sound of EMERALD oil.aka…Herbavore..ok now I have your attention..have you reviewed Burts bees retinol? What's your fav retinol? I need your advice as you are my nature skin guru I should pay you lol..GO FUND HYMAN to go esthcian? School!!!!!! Yes ? Huh??? I'll move to Hawaii as a massage reflexologist and we have a studio called Mimi Now…. ( Mimi is a Spanish slang for sleep) ok I'll work on the name

  3. I wanna be the special winner!! I wanna be special!!! I WANNA HAVE GOOD SKIN!! FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE 😭 just one day.. one dayyyyy just one day of my life. I’ve been bullied since 5th grade Bc if acne, I have a horrible hormonal imbalance and I’ve been on birth control and vitamins and shots and creams and notjing ever works. I’m on a life mission to KICK MY ACNE IN THE ASS ONE AND FOR ALL!!! HELPPPPP

  4. The herbivore emerald oil came with a jade roller I just purchased and used for the first time. For some reasons, my skin became red after applying the oil and jade rolling as recommended. Also, I used the herbivore blue tansy before jade rolling with the oil. My skin does get red at times due to sensitivity. How do you suppose my face become temporarily red?

  5. Omg I’m seeing this video now and omg! When u made this video you were celebrating 2 thousand subs and now, one year later, you have 1 million + subs!!! 😱😍😍😍 congratulations!! Your channel is so amazing and it deserves this recognition and more 👌🏻

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