Is ACB a Buy? | Aurora Cannabis Q4 2019 Results and Highlights | Why is the Stock Down?

Aurora reported earnings on 9/11/2019, and the numbers were strong, but the stock is down 10% on 9/12/22019. Why? Let’s dig into the Q4 2019 results and …


  1. They have a massive international presence and crazy growth. Its a risky sector for sure but with them about to turn profitable and a strategy that is better than their competitors I think its a good longer-term hold. Its definitely going to have much higher volatility then other holdings though. It's the only stock I hold that doesn't pass my normal models.

  2. Wish their medical segment grew more: 10% pretty low in my opinion. Regardless, minimal miss and averaging down where possible. Also, I would have expected better margin efficiencies with the much higher sales volume so I really think there is a lot of opportunity to improve there. I also like their long term growth outlook over short-term profitability as they alluded to the possibility of additional expansion into US and other markets. In the mean time, while other decry the lack of profit and sell, I'm looking at the long term with high expectations as ACB strives to become the name in cannabis. I like longer term investing anyways, short term bets feel too much like gambling to me.

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