Instant Pot Cannabis Coconut Oil

How to make cannabis infused coconut oil under pressure in the Instant Pot. I am not a professional! 1. Grind 1/4 oz cannabis 2. Place ground cannabis in jar …


  1. Hello Melanie! Thank you for the helpful videos. I have a question? I recently decarboxylated a 1/4 oz of flower following your steps and the flower smelled burnt, is it totally ruined? I still made the infusion thinking at least it will be a high CBN… but not sure. Doesn’t taste too bad kinda nutty from being burnt. Thanks for any advice! Also love your over the top personality, it is funπŸ‘

  2. Hi!! Can the oil be consumed directly? I m looking for ways to getting high without smoking… This is the reason i watched This super cool video! Sant to find good methods for consuming marihuana without smoking it… Regards!

  3. Thank you for the video. 😟I followed the recipe but in the last 30 minutes while infusing the butter the mason jar broke and the cannabutter got mixed with the 2 cups of water. Also what do you mean by natural release?

  4. Hello toasted blonde
    I have a question for you or anyone that can answer. I want to make thc vape juice. I know you mix with either vg or vg/pg . My question is once you put it in the jar, what temperature and setting on the instant pot do I put and for how long?
    Thank you. Love your vids

  5. Only an observation.
    Turn your viewing window around so you're not looking at yourself so much.
    Makes for a better video.
    I'll be putting this to use tonight. Thanks.
    Can I substitute with top shelf tequila?

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