In-the-Pot Swirl Technique, (ITPS), Cold Process Soap Making, December 2018 Soap Challenge, #1

This is a video of my process of making In-the-Pot Swirl cold process soap for the December 2018 Soap Challenge. Stick around for the soap cutting and …


  1. Wow so nice!! Would this work with HP soap as well?  It looks like you only went to mild trace – did you have issues with Gel markings?  I only did one batch of CP and I did get that gel markings and don't like it, but then I'm really really new at this.

  2. So I love watching this techniques…. and I was wondering do you know how to do different techniques with melt and pour because that all that I use for bar soap at the moment… so far i have been able to get a swirl but i want to try and see if you can get these other techniques with melt and pour too at the right temperature maybe

  3. PEOPLE! This soap stole the heart of my five year old grandson! He wouldn't put it down, carried it all day then asked for it in the morning. He wouldn't leave unless the bar was in the car with him. Granted this kid charishes things but this was above and beyond. I asked him what he liked and he said, "All of it." We talked further and I asked him if he liked how it smelled, his reply was to sniff it deeply then spread out one of the most beautiful smiles ever. Please keep this in your re-ups hon!

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