How Wizard NPK Cures His Marijuana Buds… Foolproof Way To Achieve Top Shelf Results Consistently!

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  1. The science with boveda packs are not on point as of yet. Store it long enough, it eventually saps out terpines and replaces it with its own papery smell and taste. I've tried the 62s, 58s and its always the same. Use it initially and then discard. Never use these for long term storage

  2. So, how long does a 58%-humid bud last?? I mean, when you dry your flowers, you don't begin curing until they only have 10-12% moisture left in them. Wouldn't the increase to almost 60% cause them to rot very soon after???

  3. GTI and Verano is the best here in Illinois that I’ve had. I’m not medical though so I don’t have as many options. Prices here are over 500 an oz not including tax. Popcorn oz through cresco is like 300 without tax. Most companies only offer flower through 8ths tho. Shake and popcorn is the only thing in the higher quantities so far. Too expensive

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