1. From my own personal experience, I happen to know that you can neatly organized to 150 gallon fabric pot side-by-side on one sheet of plywood. Or you can fit one 300 gallon fabric pot on one sheet of plywood and have about a 2-foot space. My personal opinion I would go with the two 150 gallon fabric pots on each plywood

  2. The runoff from your soil already contains amendments, bat guano, nitrogen rich dripping. If you collect that run off and then foliar feed when the stoma are open, you will maximize the potential of each individual female plant. That is the purpose of making a plywood table

  3. The reason I asked about the plywood table,? Is I feel like if you elevate your plants, when you water them the runoff can be collected and reuse to foliar feed when the stoma are open when temperatures are optimal. For example the early morning or late evening Dawn or dusk when the temps are right fully your feet and you will get maximum results

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